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Doing assignments is a common cause of concern for all students but there is a good news:  may help you write your them. There is not a perfect model to follow: there is always more than one right way to write an assignment and the requirements vary from one course to another. Most students feel apprehensive when they face their first assignment.

There are many kinds of assignments and success depends on the student to understand what is really expected from him to produce. When challenged to write an essay, a research or business report, it is very important to plan, gather information and pre-write it. This is a process which involves researching the topic, understanding its meaning and choosing the information to be included. It is a good idea to start the process of gathering information by revisiting your course materials, lecture and tutorial notes. The above mentioned process also means to take notes, to group and order the information, to develop an outline, to write a draft, redraft and write the final version.

If the assignment must be written in an academic language, there are more things to be considered: tone, formality and style. After deciding about all these points, you will  have to check references, compile the reference list, edit and proofread. All these stages are essential to achieve a high quality result and should not be underestimated nor skipped. When you finally think that your work is ready, put it out of your sight.

Then take your time to rest, have a walk, clear your mind. When you have rested and your mind is refreshed, you may do a final review, to be certain that everything is ok.  If you have to write about an assignment just call us (Mobile – 0417 460 236,    Tel – 1300 557 376) or order the service at  or email to:



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